Laboratory Products
Afforte Scientific distributes a variety of laboratory products :
antibodies, recombinant proteins, reagents, chemical, kits, equipment and etc.
We also provide PM services to upkeep your equipment.
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Laboratory Consumable Products
Proteomics. Immunology. Microbiology. Physiology.  Molecular Biology. Biochemistry
Bioassay Technology Laboratory (BT Lab) is a brand of Shanghai Korain Biotech,. Co Ltd specialized in lab supplies of ELISA kit, antibodies,protein for life science research. To meet every single need of the customer we aim to provide high quality at best price and service with our professional staff. Over the past eight years we focus on improvement and update of our system and service. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to let us know.
• Largest inventory worldwide with 5000+ recombinant proteins in stock
• 6 recombinant protein expression systems to support production
• 85%
by eukaryotic cells
• State-of-the-art analytical equipment set to ensure validated bioactivity
• 800-1000 new proteins/year made in house
• Proteins from multiple species to support animal models and drug development
• 70+ automatic bioreactor

• 40,000 L+ cell culture/year
Pacific Immunology®, with over 40 years of experience in developing polyclonal antibodies, is a leading global provider of custom antibody production services. Our facility generates high-affinity custom antibodies with industry-leading titer guarantees and comprehensive antibody production packages that simplify the ordering process and present cost-effective methods to isolate epitope-specific antibodies. Explore our site and see why Pacific Immunology® is an ideal partner to generate custom antibodies for your research program.
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Flarebio Biotech LLC is a National High-Tech Enterprise with research, production and sales as one. Our main business includes recombinant proteins and antibodies (CusAb), ELISA kits (CUSABIO), raw materials for diagnostic reagents (CUSAg), food safety testing products (WHISERKON).
Bachem is specialized in the development and the manufacturing of biologically active peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and as innovative biochemicals for research purposes. 
Asmarket leader, we are able to offer you a wide range of biologically active peptides and biochemicals used in peptide research.

Anacyte Laboratories is dedicated to facilitate and improve molecular analyses of bio-molecules. Anacyte develops state of the art systems for bio-molecule analyses in the post-genomic era of sciences, focusing on understanding of genetic circuits, which enable sophisticated regulatory networks to specify cells´ fate, development and function.
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As the pioneer of spin-column based protein extraction/isolation technologies, Invent BioTechnologies have successfully developed the Minute™ series products for protein extraction and sub-cellular fractionation suitable for all living organisms, of which many are unique and exclusive globally. Being the fastest and most sophisticated line of products for protein research, Minute™ brand has been gaining popularity in biomedical research, drug discovery and agricultural studies in just a few years after the initial launch of the products.

• Exosome Isolation:  95% purity by    
   filtration method (serum/ cell)
•  Protein  Extraction:   fast & simple by      
   filtration method
•  3D cell culture gel (Col-Tgel)
•  Magnetic Beads (DNA)
•  TIANGEN Biotech Products

MedChemexpress (MCE) provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and Natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. 
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Our Preventive Maintenance Services

Fixed rates which covered all

Calibration Services

Service Visits

We provide wide ranges of Preventive Maintenance services for different type of equipment. 

Our Preventive Maintenance Package includes the following:
1. Responsive and responsible professional services.
2. Fixed rates for 100% customer satisfaction. Reasonable as well as competitive rates.
3. Schedule timely and regular service visits. Notification will be sent before visit.

We also offer calibration services  for your instruments. 

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