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Introducing Precisa Weighing Balances

Products manufactured by Precisa are 100% Swiss made to meet and exceed the highest and most exacting standards in the world.

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Laboratory  Consumables Products

MedChem Express

Sino Biological 

Pacific Immunology

1. High Quality biological small molecule
 inhibitors (Inhibitors, Agonists,  Modulators).
2. Various Field: Tumergenesis, Anti-  infection, Autoimmune diseases,
 Diabetes, Parkinson's diseases, Ad, etc.
3. Classifications include Apoptosis, Cell
 cycleDNA damage, PKT/RTKs, NF-kB,
 PI3K/Akt/mTOR, etc. 
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More than 30000 Recombinant Proteins, Antibodies, & Reagents available.
1. Cytokines & Growth Factors
2. Proteins
3. Antibodies
4. Cell Lysates
5. cDNA & alphaPCR Primer
6. ELISAs 
1. Over 40 years experiences.
2. For research studies and commercial  diagnostic tests. 
3. Comprehensive Packages (include  everything needed to get a working  antibody).
4. Monospecific Package: For a fraction of  the cost of a typical monoclonal  antibody project, this delivers similar  specificity combined with  the superior  affinity of polyclonal antibodies.
5. Services:
 Custom Antibody Production, Antibody  Purification, Peptide Synthesis,  Antibody Characterization, Antibody  Labeling.
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All you need for your laboratory management.

Software solutions to ease your laboratory procurement & inventory management.

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So much work  but too little time?

Understand that researchers are always busy with laboratory research and reports. Some researchers are required to take care of the laboratory procurement as well as inventory management. 

Most of the procurement and inventory managements are done manually and we know that it is somehow time-consuming. 

Let us help you to be more efficient in managing your laboratory while taking care of your laboratory research!

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All of your laboratory needs.